A manifesto of sorts

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René Lönngren

We left our day jobs

We left our jobs (Jab was the global chief creative director at BBH, René was the European director for Mural) to start a company together. We both felt we could have more impact doing our own thing. And have more fun. That we are living in a moment where creativity and tech will provide us with a good living and some super interesting challenges to solve for.

Big hard problems

What excites us the most is solve really big problems. That can have a disproportional impact.

We decided to start with one close to heart: How might we be able to give people creative super powers to solve their hardest most pressing problems easier and faster?

How can we scale human, innate creativity to impact the lives of thousands and maybe millions of other people on the planet?

Creativity and technology is the way

Our life has been all about creativity. The old school dig deep inside kind of creativity. The one that comes from purposeful reflection and exploration. We believe great ideas come from working together, through iteration and exploration. That kind of creativity takes time. Now with technology we can make it faster and easier. And make it available to many more people.

Wisepunk was born

We decided to build a company to combine clever new technologies, such as AI, and our personal super powers: creativity, communication and people to empower thousands of others. Combing the wise with the punk. Combine the predictable smarts of technology with the unpredictable talent and passion of humans.

Only nice people

It is obvious that technology will become democratised at a speed never seen before. The killer feature will not be tech but the people that manage it. We love working with smart, creative and nice people. No nice, no go.

Join us?

We are dating around to create a core team of builders that get as excited as us about new ways of solving problems. A team of engineers and designers that can build extraordinary products and that share our mission: enhancing human creativity through technology. Write us at info@wisepunk.com should you fancy a chat.

We are also developing a human neural network (pardon the pun). A global network of creative professionals, many from our time in advertising, to form a creative council. We see them as co-creators and co-beneficiaries. We care a great deal about having the right people work on things they are passionate about and get contribution that reflect the impact they are having.

Is there a product here somewhere?

Yes. We are developing Twise.ai as our first product. Get your own digital twin, learn from yourself, work with yourself, or put yourself to work for others.

It’s going to be amazing.


jab + rené
Barcelona, April 2023

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