Three things we believe

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René Lönngren

Number one: there will be millions of people that will want to have a digital version of themselves. Some people will use it for personal reasons to get to know themselves better, maybe use it as a diary, as a speaking partner, as a problem solver, or as an assistant that will do things for them but will be mainly private for personal use.

Number two: there will be hundreds of thousands of people that will want to take their digital version of themselves, their twin, and make it available so that others can interact with it. And some of those people will want to charge for that. Thought leaders, opinion leaders, influencers, educators, etc.

Number three: we are the right team and at the right moment in time to do this. We are capable of taking this to market and make something unique out of it, because of our experience in scaling technology businesses (Rene helped grow Mural from $7m to $120m), developing AI powered software (we’ve been building side hustle products since early 2022 using the GPT API) and impacting millions of people through creative communication campaigns (Jab has created campaigns for Nike, Ikea and Samsung that have reached millions of people).

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